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Sally Kwok Jasionowski, Cake Artist. 

Start with a passion for pastries. Mix in a special sentiment for sweets. Add a dash of delight and pinch of perfection…and voila – a Cakebee is born!


As a child, my family and I would visit the cozy little Chinatown patisseries in New York. I would gaze for hours behind the window glass admiring the detail and artistry of the little cakes and colorful confections.  Who knew food could be so beautiful? Those moments of awe would spark a culinary flight from my youth all the way to present day.

I started as a self-taught baker & cake fanatic with the compulsion to sculpt and form edible art.  On a snowy winter in 2009, along with my supportive friends I ventured up to Manhattan to study "Fondant Technique" at the French Culinary Institute with Cynthia Pleithman. Soon after, I found my passion for crafting wedding cakes and a love for the delicately formed sugar rose.   


"I find that inspiration can be anything that moves you such as nature, landscape, a tiny trinket, greek architecture, fabric prints, sheet music, pottery, and topography. Ultimately, I want my creations to evoke a feeling or relationship with the viewer, spark interest and achieve fluid movement. "

~Sally Jasionowski

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