Wedding Cakes

" This world is but a canvas to our imagination." ~Henry David Thoreau

A wedding cake is one to be eaten, celebrated and remembered. 

I specialize in creating bespoke wedding cakes and elegant intricate sugar florals.  

Custom Wedding cakes start at $6.00 per serving for buttercream and

$7.00 per serving for fondant.  

For the the artistically inclined, I offer a unique wedding cake package.

I provide personalized cake consultations for us to design, taste and connect. 

Wedding cakes and desserts require a minimum investment of $600.00.

Using fresh, local ingredients, free range eggs from my own backyard chickens. And nothing beats a homemade italian buttercream! 


I enjoy trying new flavors that please the palate but here are some popular ones over the years...

Classic Vanilla - Vanilla Bean cake | Madagascar Vanilla Buttercream


Strawberry Fields - Vanilla Bean cake | Strawberry Buttercream

Black Tie - Chocolate Cake | Chocolate Ganache | Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Lovers - Chocolate cake | Chocolate ganache | Chocolate pastry cream

Cookies & Cream - Chocolate cake | Oreo buttercream

Almond Raspberry - Almond Cake | Raspberry Jam | Raspberry Buttercream

Almond Chocolate - Almond cake | Chocolate ganache | Almond buttercream

Red Velvet - Red Velvet | Cream cheese

Boston Cream Pie - Butter Cake | Chocolate Ganache | Vanilla Pastry Cream

Raspberry Lime - Lemon cake | Raspberry Buttercream | Lime curd

Lemon Dream - Lemon Cake | Lemon Curd | Vanilla buttercream

Fall Maple - Apple Spice cake | Maple buttercream


Pumpkin- Pumpkin cake | Cream cheese

Springtime - Vanilla Honey cake | Apricot Buttercream | Lemon curd

Premium Cake Flavors (starting at $6.50 per serving)

Strawberry Lemonade - Lemon cake | Strawberry Buttercream | Lemon curd

Chocolate Toffee Caramel Crunch - Chocolate Cake | Salted caramel buttercream | Toffee bits

Chocolate Malted Pretzel- Chocolate cake | Salted caramel buttercream |Malted pretzel crumble

Fall Harvest - Apple Spice Cake | Maple Pecan Buttercream | Cream cheese

Lemon Green Tea - Matcha Green Tea cake | Cream cheese | Lemon Curd

Earl Grey Chocolate - Chocolate cake | Earl Grey cream | Orange buttercream

Pistachio Raspberry Rose - Pistachio cake | Rose Buttercream | Raspberry Jam

(*Custom & Gluten-free flavors available upon request)

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